Click Here - Cell Phone Contracts for Blacklisted Individuals

Getting blacklisted is never a nice experience and most people do not intentionally fall into this position. We have therefore found a way to cellphone contracts for blacklisted individuals. Everybody needs a phone to function day to day. We offer a wide range of phones and contracts to suit your pocket. Phone contracts are generally over a period of 36 months because of the cost of the phone. We have reduced this to 18 months to reduce the burden on the consumer.

Contract Phones for Blacklisted

Blacklisted cellphone deals are more expensive because the supplier incurs a higher risk. This does not mean that you cannot get a good deal. Have a look at our examples :

A contract deal affords you monthly voice and data deals that are clubbed with a phone. You will be automatically topped up with airtime and data on your debit date if the DebiCheck debit order goes through.

Cellphone contracts for Blacklisted no Paperwork

Applying for cell phone contracts for blacklisted clients can be tricky and will require some paperwork such as a bank statement or similar.

Telkom contracts for Blacklisted

Your personal credit profile gets affected is what happens when you blacklist a phone South Africa and the service is interrupted. As per our knowledge none of the MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) provide contracts to blacklisted clients and there is nothing like a telkom blacklist phone. To make sure you can visit to find out more.

Cell C contracts for Blacklisted

If you are blacklisted need a phone contract then you will have to look for other options than Cell C. Some providers could club cell c prepaid deals with handsets but this would not be directly through the operator but rather a third party.

MTN contract phones for Blacklisted

As with the other major operators, as per our understanding, you would not be eligible for a contract phone from MTN if you are blacklisted or credit compromised.

Bayport cellphone contracts for Blacklisted

Bayport offers various financing solutions and may be able to offer you a deal that allows you to get a new phone. To find out more it would be best to contact them directly as we have no affiliation with the company.