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“My application was approved in minutes and my phone delivered 2 days later. The signal is strong and connects to so many towers that I have not had any issues with connectivity since signing up. Thank you Thandi for all the help!”

Diana Davis

Happy Client

“I coudn’t get a contract after all the lockdown shenanigans, I applied to all the networks and was desperate for a phone. The service is good, the connectivity is good and the whole process was smooth. Will happily recommend”

Jessica Bowen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a contract phone while blacklisted?

Yes you can get a contract phone while blacklisted. We do not use conventional credit checks when vetting clients and focus more on affordability than on credit history.

What cell phone company does not require a credit check in South Africa? does not require a credit check South Africa, however we still require bank statements to check affordability but previous credit history will not count against you when you apply.

Can you get a phone contract if you have bad credit?

Yes, you can get a phone contract if you have bad credit. You only need to show affordability in order to get a contract phone. This will simply require bank statements from a South African bank and you cannot be unemployed.

What credit score is needed for cell phone contract?

The credit score needed for cell phone contracts differ from operator to operator but it is mostly above 600. You do not need this credit score to apply for a contract as the process used is totally different and based more heavily on affordability than credit score. 

What cell phone company does not require a credit check?

NoCreditCheck SA does not require a credit check to qualify for a cell phone contract. This is limited to South Africa.

Cellphone contracts for blacklisted

Cellphone Contracts for Blacklisted

Getting blacklisted is never a nice experience and most people do not intentionally fall into this position. We have therefore found a way to cellphone contracts for blacklisted individuals. Everybody needs a phone to function day to day. We offer a wide range of phones and contracts to suit your pocket. Phone contracts are generally over a period of 36 months because of the cost of the phone. We have reduced this to 18 months to reduce the burden on the consumer.

Contract Phones for Blacklisted

Blacklisted cellphone deals are more expensive because the supplier incurs a higher risk. This does not mean that you cannot get a good deal. Have a look at our examples :

A contract deal affords you monthly voice and data deals that are clubbed with a phone. You will be automatically topped up with airtime and data on your debit date if the DebiCheck debit order goes through.

Cellphone contracts for Blacklisted no Paperwork

Applying for cell phone contracts for blacklisted clients can be tricky and will require some paperwork such as a bank statement or similar. The online application procedure tries to determine affordability rather than track record. Try our direct online application to see whether you qualify for one of our contract phone deals.

Telkom contracts for Blacklisted

Your personal credit profile gets affected is what happens when you blacklist a phone South Africa and the service is interrupted. As per our knowledge none of the MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) provide contracts to blacklisted clients and there is nothing like a telkom blacklist phone. To make sure you can visit to find out more.

Cell C contracts for Blacklisted

If you are blacklisted need a phone contract then you will have to look for other options than Cell C. Some providers could club cell c prepaid deals with handsets but this would not be directly through the operator but rather a third party. To make absolutely sure there is no harm in applying:

MTN contract phones for Blacklisted

As with the other major operators, as per our understanding, you would not be eligible for a contract phone from MTN if you are blacklisted or credit compromised. If you would like to find out more you will have to contact MTN directly or visit their contract phone section here:

Bayport cellphone contracts for Blacklisted

Bayport offers various financing solutions and may be able to offer you a deal that allows you to get a new phone. To find out more it would be best to contact them directly as we have no affiliation with the company. Here a link to their website :

Cell phone contracts no credit checks

Cell Phone Contracts No Credit Checks South Africa

Cell phone contracts no credit checks South Africa is the first business to bring the previously credit compromised individuals an option for contract phones with no credit checks in South Africa. We will have a look at the different options available under these specific conditions.

Cellphone Contracts for Bad Credit

If you are looking for cell phone contracts for bad credit then have a look at the Cell C phone contracts no credit checks are requires if you do it though us. We use a simple algorithm and do not penalize people for their past credit history. We do require our applicants to have a South African bank account and to have been employed for at least the last 6 months. A positive identification document is also a requirement, this could be either a RSA ID document or a passport.

Minimum credit score for mobile phone contracts South Africa

All major MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) employ a minimum credit score for mobile phone contracts South Africa. A cell phone for low credit score in South Africa are not likely to attain as the vetting and credit history requirements are getting more and more rigorous. This has sparked a large secondary market for cellphone contracts for low credit score which allow you to apply for a phone contract bad credit. Visit our phones page to see the offerings.

So what’s the catch when looking at cellphone contracts for low credit score?

As we offer bad credit contract phones instant decision South Africa you would be inclined to pay a bit more than you would with other network operators. Having said this, we do offer very competitive deals through partnering with a leading MVNO in Johannesburg. This allows us to give a better monthly rate than all our competitors.

As there is some risk to supplying contract phones no credit check, we do require a holding deposit as the phone remains our property until the period comes to an end. Our model is a rent-to-own model. This is the only way we can afford our clients this deal because not require a credit check. We are not extending credit but renting out the phone which can become yours at the end of the period of 18 months.

Apply for phone contract with Bad Credit

Can you get a phone contract with bad credit? The answer is yes. You will have to go through one of the rent-to-buy companies. These offer a different type of contract than the MNOs but because of a higher risk of default a premium is generally charged so that risk is reduced.

What do we offer?

Contract phones bad credit no credit checks.

You can still get good phones like Samsung, Nokia and Hisense cellphones on contract from us even if you have bad credit. We utilize a different vetting procedure than our competitors where we focus on affordability. The rent to own option allows our customers to get back on their feet and build a good credit record while sorting out their finances.

Contract phones with bad credit rating.

You can still get your contract phone with a bad credit rating. Many South Africans have been affected by the pandemic and still require the use and upgrade of their mobile phones. We have found the most people opt for Samsung in this range of the market as it is both affordable and reliable.

Mobile phone deals bad credit.

The deals you get with bad credit can still be very competitive. We have bundled our fantastic data and voice deals with unlimited WhatsApp to keep you connected all the time, even if you run out of minutes. You can choose from a large variety of deals and don’t have to lose connectivity due to your credit profile.

Phone contract deals bad credit.

The phone contract deals are exclusive to us as we have put these deals together by working closely with our suppliers. We aim to give you the best deal for your profile and remove the worry of not being contactable. One of the most basic needs is communication and we have a solution to keep you connected regardless of your current financial circumstances.

Phone deals with bad credit.

The phone deals are designed to get you what you want in terms of both connectivity and the handset you require. The ultimate goal is to give our customers a seamless painless experience when acquiring a new cellphone.

Poor credit cell phone contracts.

As you port your number to us it reduces risk of default, this coupled with our “always connected” approach ensures that you can have the best deals in the mobile contract world without being further compromised in your credit status.

Cell phone contract without Payslip South Africa

You can get a cell phone contract without payslip South Africa if you have a stable income and 3 month bank statements to show your affordability. You can apply for a phone contract without a Payslip.

Can you get a contract phone without a Payslip?

Yes you can get get a cellphone contract without a payslip by using our smart algorithm. We may require a bank statement and you need to be employed full-time. Apply with us today and follow our easy to use process.

How to get a Contract Phone with bad Credit

Get a contract phone with bad credit steps:


  1. Choose your phone at
  2. Choose the combo package of data and airtime that you would like.
  3. Fill in the instant approval form.
  4. Get result – If Approved go to step 5.
  5. Fill in the full application form and wait for a call from one of our agents.

Getting a phone contract with bad credit is no hassle if you do it through us, use these 5 easy steps and get the contract phone that you want regardless whether you have bad credit.

Phone Contract without Credit Check

Phone contract without credit check. No credit check contracts phones are available to everyone. You can get a no credit check phone contract by following the steps above. Get your phone contract no credit check today by visiting our homepage and choosing the handset you like.